Social Post malfunction - dropped images

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I shared my email to Facebook using the new tool, and it looks good on Facebook, but when I click the link to open the whole email in another window, many (more than half) of the images do not appear. A lot of communication is lost by dropping those images and the email overall just looks very plain and less engaging this way.
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Hello @NancyH6077 ,


I checked your social post, and all the images in the corresponding email are also displaying for me on the webpage version. Based on that it sounds like you may be encountering a browser caching error, which can be easily resolved by:

  1. clearing your browser's cache
  2. exiting your browser (if using a Mac, quit it as well)
  3. reopening the browser and check the webpage again

If this doesn't alleviate the issue, I'd advise performing some other basic connectivity troubleshooting to see if the issue also occurs on other browsers, devices, networks, or if disabling certain extensions, ad/pop-up blockers, VPNs, or other security software helps narrow down the source of the issues seeing the images.

William A
Community & Social Media Support