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posting today without the picture â I tried to copy and post again and still posted without a picture. I had to log in to Facebook and edit the post. The picture showed up fine in Instagram and Twitter. Also while I'm here, I wish you would go back to the option of adding more than one image to a social media post!
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Hello @loretta ,


Make sure the image you're adding to your FB post meets its sizing requirements, as the sizing minimums for different social platforms can vary wildly (even between Insta and Facebook). Additionally, certain platforms have API restrictions, meaning that they may not allow multiple images to post at once.


You should be able to post multiple images for all four platforms. If you're doing a Social Share of your email, that may be part of the restriction, in which case you should instead copy the email's link and then make a fresh, new standalone social post.

William A
Community & Social Media Support