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I have a Constant Contact email going out tomorrow and I also set up a share on FB and Twitter. When I look at the social post preview, I don't see anything that looks like my email, with photos, prices etc. I only see one photo of three, and the rest of the content is missing.

I need to know that the social posts will include all the content of my email. Help?? I cancelled the share for now, so that I can feel more confident in the social posts.

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Hello @SueR4350 ,


When you setup a social share for your email, the default elements are just the sent / scheduled email's permanent URL and whatever the social platform automatically pulls as a link preview of that URL. You can add your own images, set up variations to better work within the restrictions of different platforms, etc. If you need guidance on setting up social shares, I'd recommend going through our main article on the topic.

William A
Community & Social Media Support