Tagging on Social Media Post

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Hello - 


I'm having trouble tagging in our social media posts. Having to edit each post afterward seems like a complete waste of time and is something we can easily forget to do, especially because we like to schedule our posts for months at a time. 


I came across one thread saying it was in the works but didn't say if it was resolved. Other platforms we have used have been great with this in the past. Right when you typed @ a list of names came up for you to choose from, that way you know it is getting tagged correctly.


When I do type an @ sign it comes up blue but I don't feel as if it is doing it correctly.

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Hello @Acatullo ,


You need to actually fully type out the full Twitter handle, Facebook username, etc. in order to tag a person in a post. If you're doing multiple social platforms, make sure you're making variants to accommodate the tagging structures of each one appropriately. Facebook in particular can be pretty different in its setup, which we include a link to their applicable support article in our main article on creating social posts.

William A
Community & Social Media Support