Test message does not reflect campaign

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Just thought this was odd... I sent myself a test message and the test only shows one question mark whereas my campaign has several. I have never seen CC glitch like this. 


Test received:



Saved Campaign:



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Hello @Marisa_M ,


I just test sent the email, and that wasn't occurring at all, however it does look like you inserted an actual sponsor name in there since this post was made. I'm not able to recreate the issue in my own account from my side at all, even with a similar setup as yours.


Is the issue only occurring in certain email programs, or did you wholly replace the text block when you added the sponsor's name? Some email programs and devices, depending on their settings or built-in functionality, will default to removing certain repeated elements like multiple punctuation marks or double / repeated spaces. 

William A
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Hi William,

It is highly doubtful that you will be able to replicate what happened. I literally typed (Sponsor Name???) and then clicked Send test... 

Of course I then added the actual person's name a few minutes later after sending. 

Just wanted to log this as a weird glitch. I don't expect it to be recreated and hopefully won't have any future issues but if I do, I will send them over.