There's a glitch in your ad campaign

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I've been trying to create an ads campaign in constant contact. Our facebook ad account is connected and I followed the steps here


I'm stuck in the "design your lead ad" I set it up several times but whenever I click the save option it doesn't go green. I've followed all requirements in there as well but nothings happens. 

Need help fixing this 

error cc.PNG

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Hi @NicoleN43, I'm sorry to see you are experiencing this issue. I can't say for sure exactly what was causing it, but it had something to do with invisible characters (possibly) in the Ad Description field. I tested the field with different text (in this case, the word "Test") and the green check mark appeared. I copy/pasted the original text into Notepad to strip it of any potential hidden characters and pasted it back into the field. It saved successfully and the green checkmark remained. You should be all set! Our developers are still looking into why this issue occurs, but if it happens again in the future try deleting the text in the Ad Description field and typing it in manually or pasting it into a program like Notepad before pasting it into the Description field.

Nick S.
Social Media & Content Manager