This upload is pulling the wrong info

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The contacts reflected and the quantity its supposed to upload is from the wrong document. It's not pulling the correct information and is uploading contacts that I don't want to upload. No matter what I do it is adding people I don't want to upload at all. I tried creating a different worksheet and uploading that one but it keeps uploading the same sheet. . . This is annoying and I can't use the upload function now. . .
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Hello @HaleySunde ,


Is the file you're using formatted to only have one single tab? Are all the email addresses located in a single column in the file you're uploading? Are there any other elements in our contact file formatting article that your contact file lacks?


I'd recommend either replying directly to the automated @ mention email you receive from this response, and include your contact file so we can troubleshoot further. Otherwise, you're also welcome to call our general support for live troubleshooting and assistance.

William A
Community & Social Media Support