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I am unable to download and print any particular campaign. I get an error message and asked to try again later.  I have also tried "Preview" and then print (or save to PDF), but not all content of the email is populated to the PDF.

Basically, I need a PDF version of the emails I send and I'm having a hard time with that.

Thank you!

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Hello @AnkeA1 ,


I'm not able to replicate the error you're describing. If you get the error specifically when trying to generate the PDF version, try swapping to PNG or JPG to allow it to at least load up visuals, then swap back to PDF. Otherwise, I'd advise checking to make sure your Adobe and browser are 100% up-to-date, as well as performing other standard connectivity troubleshooting (disabling extensions and ad/pop-up blockers then fully rebooting the browser, temporarily disabling VPNs, etc.)


One thing I did notice is that some of your emails are extremely long, which can cause significant issues for anything that needs to render a lot of higher quality imagery, links, and other elements. Emails and other campaign types of that kind of sheer length can cause an array of issues, including slower editor processing from spiked bandwidth, slower loading of the download renders, and even causing the email to be automatically cut off by most email programs' basic functionalities. If you're regularly encountering issues where you're experiencing severe lag in the editor, and you're unable to even load the PDF/JPG/PNG downloads of it, then I'd advise looking into ways to reduce the volume of content in your emails. A start would be our articles on email length and survey length.

William A
Community & Social Media Support