Unable to reach website from ATT cellular network but we can reach website from wifi/Ethernet

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We have a website that is unreachable when using ATT mobile data. The error we normally get is "unable to establish secure connection with the server". The strange thing is that when we use wifi/ethernet then we are able to connect to the website. We did trace route from the mobile device on cellular data and the trace stops at this IP which is an ATT mobile router of sort according to whois. Also, we just learned that constant contact uses cloudflare to host our site, and there are posts from people experiencing similar issues as we have. So one clourdflare post in particular caught our attention in which they figured out a solution to their problem. Below is the post message:


Hi, thanks for replying. I went through Cloudflare support and AT&T and think we have it figured out. The error message was about failing SSL handshake.

The issue appears to be related to IPv6 and the transparent proxies used by AT&T for their cell users. I disabled IPv6 on my domain with Cloudflare and that seems to have cured the issue for now, obviously there will be many other Cloudflare sites affected by this. AT&T are looking into it.

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Therefore, we'd like to know if in constant contact one can actually disable IPv6 for the domain. I couldn't find that ability. Does anybody know how to do this? We really need to address this issues since many people aren't able to access our website from their mobile devices unless they are on wifi!


Any help is much appreciated!

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Hello @LindaD340 ,


For anything related to Website Builder integrated sites, we'd recommend reaching out to that integration's support team for assistance. 

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