Understanding contact segmentation

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I regularly (each month) use a segment I have created to learn how many and which subscribers have opened a specific type of email (of which there are either 4 or 5 each month. In December, when I tried to create the segment, there were 5 emails I wanted to include, but one was not available in the dropdown list. Is there another way to create a segment that would allow me to include that one email which was sent on December 1?

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Hello @rcppubs23 ,


When using the specific email segment criteria, only the previous 25 sent emails will show. If you've sent 25 or more emails since that Dec 1 one was sent, it won't appear as an option. If and when there's an update to the functionality of this particular segment criteria setup, our devs will notify you directly.


The best workaround in this instance would be to make a list from the Open report of that email, and use that as part of your segment's AND criteria, alongside the contact activity > opens for the campaigns available in the dropdown.

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