Verified vs. Unverified Emails for Sending

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In our account, we have five emails we send from. All of these emails are verified, according to the account page. BUT, when we send from one of those, the emails are consistently going to recipients' junk folders and there's a note that says, "Unverified Sender." Are we doing something wrong?
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Hello @stjohnstally ,


This will be dependent on your self-authentication setup. If your self-auth is setup for one particular email address, then only that email address will be considered truly "verified" by the receiving systems. For additional info, please see our main article on self-authentication, or speak with our Delivery team.

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Hello William_A, 


I'm having a similar issue. We have a number of emails that are verified, and all had been working fine, but this morning I published two campaigns (one as a test email to just my work address, then the second to a distribution list) and both got filtered to my junk mail from being an unverified sender. This is an email address that we've sent A LOT of stuff from as well and never had this issue. 


Below is a screenshot from Outlook of messages from our verified address. The change happened from Yesterday to this morning, and not sure what the issue is. 


Screenshot 2023-03-28 at 1.39.24 PM.png 


Hello @JennyL967 - Thanks for the screenshot! Just to clear up any confusion, the verified email status shown within Constant Contact would be separate from this "Unverified" flag you're seeing in Outlook. 


Outlook is likely doing a security check to ensure the email isn't being spoofed (similar to if you've ever received a scam email that said it was from Amazon or Netflix or similar company). While it didn't see your email as dangerous, it looks like it wasn't able to verify all of the information. We see more and more email providers doing extra checks to ensure safety for their email recipients. When this happens, there are additional steps you can take for your own company domain (like to add a record that basically says to email programs "if you get an email from us sent through Constant Contact that is approved by us." The article that William_A shared is a good one for going over your options, and I would recommend following the instruction for the CNAME authentication. It is quite technical though, so if you happen to have an IT team that is a great place to start. Even if you don't we do have a delivery phone support team that is trained in helping get you the information needed to set this up and ensuring that your emails land in the inbox. They can be reached at 866-433-8499 and are a really great support resource if you get stuck.