Video for Landing Pages

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Your only option is Vimeo which ones someone clicks the video it takes the viewer to the Vimeo site leaving the Landing page. This is a horrible mechanic as it seriously reduces action of commitment. All that work to create the page just to have them leave it and have to hit another button for further continuation doesn't make any sense.

What is needed is a video that can play without leaving the site as well as different options of video entries like which can directly connect to TikTok videos or some of the others as well.

This one mechanic honestly has me second guessing this platform as that is a significant piece to my marketing.

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Hello @JeremyN14 ,


You can use other video-hosting sites in the video block. It uses the same setup as the email builder and has the same API requirements, so videos are not going to be fully embedded in the custom landing page. 


For more info on how inserting a video works, check out this article for inserting a video block into campaign builders using the Cross-Device/Platform Editor. 

William A
Community & Social Media Support