Welcome Email not working

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HI,  I had set up a Welcome Email to be sent each time a new contact is added and it shows it is "Active" but doesn't look like it is going out to anyone.

       I believe it is covered in our Plan. Can you check on this please.

Thank you,


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Hello @SherryB-ACTS ,


Are the new contacts that are being added to the list being added from a signup form or being manually added by you? Welcome automation emails are set to only trigger for contacts that are added to lists via sign up forms - such as the inline form type or a lead generation landing page. If the contacts are manually imported to your contacts by yourself and added to the list(s), they won't be entered into the welcome email's queue.


For an overview of how the welcome email automation works, make sure to check out our main article on the topic.


For contacts you're going to be manually adding, I'd suggest making a normal, non-automated version of your welcome email. Then you can make a separate list, fill it with the contacts that were supposed to have received the welcome, and send the non-automated welcome to that list. Or you can just send the non-automated welcome to the full original list, if you'd prefer. For future manual additions to the list, you can Quicksend the already-sent normal "welcome," or perform a Resend to newly added contacts.

William A
Community & Social Media Support