blocked bounces for gmail receivers


Our district's monthly newsletter recently had a few changes made to it, but primarily visually, and then all of a sudden after sending the first visually updated one, it was bounced (blocked) specifically by 81% of our recipients (about 1700 people). It appeared that all these recipients have a Gmail account.


I was added as a new account admin so I thought it had to do with me switching the email it was sent from, but I re-sent the email using the original send email and they still bounced. I attempted to get into contact with customer support over the phone but was on hold for around 45 minutes before I needed to hang up to focus on other tasks. 


Any assistance would be incredibly helpful. 81% of our email database is a lot of people to suddenly be blocked. 

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Hello @JaneB169 ,


If you're encountering that level of blocked bounces, then there's either a specific element in that email that Gmail simply does not like, or it has something to do with the lack of self-authentication on your account. Since you have your own domain, I'd strongly advise getting your account's email self-authentication setup to alleviate the issue.


If you need specialized support or guidance regarding this, I'd advise reaching out to the Delivery team directly.

William A
Community & Social Media Support