campaigns don't load, images don't insert, I have to log completely out anytime I leave a campaign.

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What is going on? I've had so many problems since lat April. It started with replacing images - no images in the account would show, I'd have to leave the campaign and re-enter to get access.


Then there was the day of the big change, where basically I could not get into my account or my client's accounts any way, even with help from support (47 minute wait).


Now today I am still unable to re-enter  a campaign if I navigate back to the account's list of campaigns, and images are not showing when I try to replace an image.


I manage six accounts in Constant Contact and I am ready to move them all if problems continue.  Maybe you are trying to get rid of accounts like mine - if so, you are sure succeeding.

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Hello @JeanY0 ,


I've submitted your case to the Partner team for a follow up to address your issues. Typically they're able to respond to these cases within 1-2 business days. If you need a quicker response, please call the partner team directly at 1-855-854-8609 and wait for an agent to get to you in queue, or email them at partner_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com .

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