chat not working and emails going to spam

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Hi-I have a donor who repeatedly finds messages from us in her spam folder. 

The message she gets is 

 "We could not verify the identity of the sender. Click here to learn more. The actual sender of this message is different than the normal sender."  


Also-when I tried to engage in a chat, I filled in the question and asked to go to a chat.  I get a quick yellow box flashing on my screen (too fast to read it!) but it is something about being blocked from the chat function.  Any thoughts?





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Hello @SamF798 ,


Regarding the spam filtering and warning, I'd recommend setting up self-authentication for your account, since you have your own domain. If you need further insight and some additional guidance on this, I'd recommend reaching out to your IT team, or our Delivery team.


Regarding the chat box, this is caused by a connectivity error - typically something related to your browser cache, your browser being behind on updates, incompatible browser extensions, aggressive ad/pop-up blockers, a VPN, or a security algorithm. 

William A
Community & Social Media Support