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I cannot find how to get the code for a legacy form. Spending hours trying to get the form back on my website. I know I won't get help here, but just had to say. Instructions for adding form code on WIX not working at all.
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Hello @ShawnH02 ,


I'm not sure what legacy form you're referring to, are you meaning the legacy landing pages? If so, those don't use coding, they're just basic URLs you can add wherever you could normally add links. Simply navigate to your Sign up forms tab in your account, then select the Legacy landing pages box at the bottom of that page. 


For adding pop-up and inline forms to your site, we have a dedicated article with instructions for how to copy the code(s), and several basic instructions for several of the larger site builders / hosts. If you're having trouble adding the universal code (and inline code if applicable) to your site, we'd recommend reaching out to your webmaster or site host's support for further assistance.

William A
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