deleting 2,000 contacts who have not opened an email

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I am trying to clean up an organization's contacts so that they can make more effective use of CC. There are about 2,000 folks on the list who have never opened a contact. I want to delete those that pre-date 2020. How do I do that without going into each one individually?


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Hi @TRHC. From what I'm understanding, you are looking to delete contacts who have not engaged with an email and were uploaded to your account before 2020. You will create a segment and use these details: Contact Activity > Did Not Open > Custom Date Range with the last date being a date in 2020. You will also include the criteria for Contact Details > Date Added > Custom Date Range to find contacts who existed in the account before 2020. From there, you will add the segment to a list and delete the list.


Caitlin M.
Community Manager