email update is not working


Tried chat, tried the knowledge community, tried phone call - have not been able to get in touch with anyone who can help me. I use your email campaign services for my job. I noticed you updated the email build, and it is not working for me. I cannot do specific builds that I used to have very little issue with. Example, when I tried to put two photos side by side, it would't allow it. When I tried to add columns, I could only add them to the very top of the build and not throughout the build. This was not formerly an issue. 

Another example, is the text bar used as a heading tool no longer has its own settings box that pops up, and it changed the background to white from the green I had. So now I can't change it back. Didn't ever have this issue. 

Lots of glitches seem to be in this new builder. Please get these fixed because other people need to be able to do their jobs too. Thanks!

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Hello @DarrellH39 ,


I'm not having any issues adding new blocks to a row to make columns, including images. Is the issue that you're not seeing the pink line when you drag a block over, or is the block just jumping elsewhere despite the pink line showing where you want to drop it? It's also entirely possible that it's an overall issue of lag / bandwidth issues, which we've received reports of from several recently transitioned customers regarding typing. In that case, I'd advise first going through some basic connectivity troubleshooting to ensure there's no browser extensions or ad/pop-up blocker interference causing the issue. If you're able to provide a screencap of the issue as you're experiencing it, it can help us troubleshoot further.


It may also be worth checking if this issue is also occurring with new email templates you make from scratch, or if it seems to be explicitly occurring with email templates you regularly copy from previous copies. 


You can also utilize layout blocks as a workaround for adding multiple columns, if you're still having issues with setting them up normally. 


You can still change block coloring using the row gear icon that shows when you hover over it, as well as through the defaults in the Design tab of the lefthand menu.

William A
Community & Social Media Support