"From" email pulled from unknown source

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Doing my first CC newsletter for my one-person freelance shop. When I set up my trial account, I typed in my business email.  But when I sent myself a test of the newsletter, I noticed the "From" is my personal Gmail; possibly because I once worked on the Constant Contact account at my church, and it was still floating around somewhere inside CC.


Anyway, how to fix this before I send the final newsletter to my clients?


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Hello @KeithP160 ,


That's not how it would work, the from address for an email is only ever pulled from what you have explicitly set for that email. Looking at your account, the Gmail address is the only address verified on your account, and therefore would be the only one available for your email's from address (well as the main account and billing address). The Gmail address is also the username of the account, so I don't think you set this up the way you thought. 


Once you've verified your business email on the account, you can use it for any of the account's email addresses - from/reply-to, billing, and/or the main account one.

William A
Community & Social Media Support