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When I go to the Emails Reporting page in my account the totals shown there are not in sync with the totals shown on the report itself. I had this problem some time ago but it seemed like it might have been fixed. Today it began recurring, in an even worse way. The correct number of "emails sent" is not even showing on that page, though when I click into the report it does show those have been sent.


Yes, I know I can click into the report to find the "real" totals but I like to use that Emails Reporting page to get an overview of how the different campaigns compare in their results. I did see somewhere one of the CC people in the community wrote back (in 2020): "to get the most accurate results, download the report." But this is not what I am trying to do. I have screenshots to show the discrepancy but I don't really want to upload them publicly.

Is there a CC rep participating here who can tell me if this is a problem the tech teams are aware of and working on?

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Hello @rcppubs23 ,


How long ago was the email sent? Over time, the UI will update its summary stats in less frequent intervals to reduce server loads. The exported reports will always be the most up-to-date info we have regarding an email.


Since this is done intentionally, it's not considered a bug that needs addressing, but is being monitored as a usability / confusion point for customers that prefer the UI drilldowns over the CSV files.

William A
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