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impressions data are not reflected from LinkedIn and Twitter. so the data/number here at CC is not working
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Hello @SanyoDenkiAmerica ,


I'm only seeing one post of yours where we haven't gotten impressions info from LinkedIn yet to provide reporting on. Otherwise your older social posts are showing LI impressions. If and when we receive info from LI regarding impressions on your latest post, it should be reflected in the post's reporting.


Regarding Twitter, they do not provide traditional impressions or reactions reporting for us in the way that Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn do. Thus those metrics won't be available in the post's reporting on our side. Twitter's Favorites and Retweets, if any are available, will be reflected in the post's reporting. To view Twitter's version of "impressions," you can view it on your Tweet Activity Dashboard on the Twitter side.


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William A
Community & Social Media Support