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I posted a campaign and posted to our linkedin account also.  It did not show up as a full page but as a URL you have to click on.

Is there anyway to change to the full page to show on our linkedin page?

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Hello @MichaelN887 ,


Emails won't be able to display as full items in social media. Even if you downloaded a JPG/PNG version of the email, and added that as part of your social post, most emails are simply way too large to display legibly. This is how it works on pretty much every social platform, including LinkedIn. Social shares of emails will include the email's permanent URL so those who follow you on social media only can still see the emails you send out.


If you're referring to a landing page sign up form or other landing page, it's a similar process. There's not really a way to get these to show and have full functionality on social media sites due to how their APIs work. The only option is to link to them in posts, or in your social page's bio (especially for Instagram).


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William A
Community & Social Media Support