update profile showing at bottom of sent email ... can i reduce size?

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when i send an email at bottom of page can i get rid of update profile and make the unsubscribe smaller??? and do i have to have on it who sent it? I already have the company name??

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Hello @JaneS39 ,


If you want to remove the Update Profile link from your footer, you can do so from your account settings.


Unsubscribe links are legally required and a core Compliance element that must be included in all emails sent out through ESPs such as us. Therefore, it cannot removed or otherwise changed. When test sending the information displayed will match your main account address, on live sends the unsubscribe link will reflect the recipient's email address.


The email is sent from bit will reflect the From address you include for the email. Please see this article for more info on updating your header and footer setups.

William A
Community & Social Media Support