#11 - Building Trust with Your Audience with Tom Agostino


Growing your customer base is critical to sustaining any business. But when it comes to marketing, you can’t forget about your most important audience — your current customers. People that already know you can be your biggest advocates. 

“The best audience I have are the people I know — who already know what I’m doing, already are in communication with me, and have already joined my mailing list,” says Tom Agostino, live concert promoter and producer as well as the owner of The Folk Sessions

If you go to Tom’s shows, you’re on his mailing list. And if you enjoyed the show, you’re ideally telling your friends about Tom’s work and continuing to support him. In turn, he sells more tickets.

On this episode of Constant Contact’s podcast, Be a Marketer, host Dave Charest, Director of Small Business Success at Constant Contact, talks to Tom about how he’s adjusted his marketing strategy over the last 20 years to continue selling out music venues.
Tune in to hear how Tom fast-tracks his decision-making process and how to build trust with your audience through educational content.
Meet Today’s Guest: Tom Agostino of The Folk Sessions
What he does: Tom is a concert promoter and producer coming up on 20 years of bringing folk music to the Prescott, Arizona, area through The Folk Sessions. As a business owner, Tom has used Constant Contact to educate his audience, sell tickets, and stay in close communication with his recurring customers — a group that he identifies as his most important audience.
💡 Key quote: “Basically, what I've had to do is educate my audience to this kind of music and get them to trust that if I'm bringing somebody to town, they’re good. That’s basically all you need to know. I'm bringing them, so they're good. I had to earn that. I earned that respect.”
👋 Where to find him: Facebook 
👋 Where to find Folk Sessions: Website | Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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