#12 - A Look Inside SMS Marketing with Hannah & Zack


What if you could communicate directly with customers on a device they have on them at all times — and they’d prefer it? Look no further than SMS.
SMS, or text messaging, fits naturally into how your customers communicate. And now, there are tools at your disposal to bring texting into your marketing strategy right in your Constant Contact account.
Constant Contact product marketing manager Hannah Khouri and product manager Zachary Robertson say the key to success is to be timely and creative in your messaging. It can be more than just sharing a discount. What can you offer your customers that they can’t get in your other communications?
On this episode of Be a Marketer, Hannah, Zack, and host Dave Charest discuss creative ways to use text messaging, as well as how to get customers to opt in. They also dive into Constant Contact’s new SMS tools, including a new AI feature to help you get started.
Meet Today’s Guests: Hannah Khouri and Zachary Robertson of Constant Contact
What Hannah does: Hannah has spent more than seven years at Constant Contact. She currently works as a product marketing manager.
💡 Key quote from Hannah: “When you think about who you're getting text messages from, it's your friends, it's your family, it's people that you already know. So I think it's really interesting because in this particular case, with marketing, our small business owners actually have an advantage over some of those larger, more established brands.”
👋 Where to find Hannah: LinkedIn

What Zack does: Zack works as a product manager with Constant Contact.
💡 Key quote from Zack: “It really has a very personal touch that you wouldn't necessarily get from social or email. There's still a lot of that in there. Having all of the channels is absolutely the right way to do it. But knowing that someone sent you that text message directly because you told them you wanted this information — it's just tremendous. Huge.”
👋 Where to find Zack: LinkedIn
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