#18 - Building a Real Estate Business Through Email with Ricky Carruth


Get ready to learn from a real estate expert who's experienced the ups and downs of the industry. Ricky Carruth closes about 100 deals a year without prospecting and credits his success to his weekly email newsletter. Since 2007, he has sent more than 830 emails — or one newsletter per week for 16 years.
In addition to building his real estate business, the newsletters give him more time to focus on his other passion: coaching agents through Zero to Diamond, his free real estate coaching program.
Ricky walks the talk: He has faced some really tough times. He lost everything and had to live in his car when the market crashed. He was back at real estate one year later, using a people-first approach. Today, he focuses on building lifelong relationships with everyone he meets, regardless of whether they’re buying or selling property. 
On this episode of Be a Marketer, host Dave Charest talks with Ricky about his real estate journey and uncovers his top advice for agents trying to grow their businesses.
Meet Today’s Guest: Ricky Carruth of Zero to Diamond
What Ricky does: Ricky is a top real estate agent in Alabama and founded Zero to Diamond, the world’s first completely free real estate coaching program.
💡 Key quote from Ricky: “It's just crazy to think back then, I didn't realize I was building a brand. I didn't realize that I was accumulating people. Once I got to that point, and I saw what the weekly email was doing back in 2008, ‘09, and ‘10, I was all in on it.”
👋 Where to find Ricky: LinkedIn | YouTube | Instagram | Twitter
👋 Where to find Zero to Diamond: Website | Facebook

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