#19 - The Joy of Being Your Own Boss With Lisa Hammer and Dave Newman


Lisa Hammer is a business leader with a mindset for marketing, communications, and finance. Dave Newman is a mechanical engineer with a passion for teaching. Together, they run Leadership Techniques LLC, where their complementary skill sets drive their success.
Lisa and Dave met while working for different companies and found common ground discussing the challenges they faced as managers. They decided to bring a group together to discuss handling personnel issues. Afterward, one participant asked them: “You two are so passionate about this. Why aren’t you teaching it?”
They needed that motivation to take the plunge into starting their own business. Today, Leadership Techniques offers courses and consulting to help people become better managers and leaders. 
On this episode of Be a Marketer, Lisa, Dave, and host Dave Charest, Director of Small Business Success at Constant Contact, discuss what it takes to build a successful business with a partner and how to adapt when the world around you changes. 
Tune in to hear how Lisa and Dave share the business responsibilities, how they’ve adapted to change, and why they love email marketing as a tool for growing their business. 
Meet Today’s Guests: Lisa Hammer and Dave Newman of Leadership Techniques
What they do: Lisa and Dave are the co-founders and owners of Leadership Techniques, a business that provides training and consulting on project management, math-oriented scheduling, and leadership skills. 
💡 Key quote: “They say if you love what you do, you won’t feel like you’re working. We don’t… We have long days, but we absolutely love what we do. And we love making a difference. If you can find something that makes you feel good and makes you feel like you’re accomplishing something, it’s the best feeling.” 
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