#45 - Building Trust Through Stories with Brad Sundberg


If you ask Brad Sundberg, storytelling is an effective marketing strategy that allows you to build trust. Brad shares his experience of using personal storytelling to promote events based on his time in the studio with Michael Jackson. He believes that sharing stories, especially about personal experiences, helps to establish connections with customers. 
“When you are a business owner,” he says. “You either sit on the couch and eat popcorn and go broke, or you've got to get out and beat the drum.” 
On this episode of Be a Marketer, Brad and host Dave Charest, Director of Small Business Success at Constant Contact, discuss the power of personal branding, storytelling, and building trust in marketing. 
Meet Today’s Guest: Brad Sundberg of In the Studio with MJ
What he does: Brad Sundberg joined Michael Jackson’s team during the production of Captain EO in 1985, and remained with Michael as one of his engineers and Technical Director for nearly 18 years. Now, Brad shares these unique experiences with the public through his In the Studio with MJ seminars. 
💡 Key quote: “Marketing is essential now. In the age of social media, whether you love it or hate it, it's an amazing tool. ” 
👋 Where to find him: Website | LinkedIn
👋 Where to find In the Studio with MJ: Website | Facebook | Instagram
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