#54 - Getting Repeat Business with Clif Johnson


Identifying and understanding who your key customers are is a crucial part of marketing for Clif Johnson, especially if you’re targeting diverse audiences like professionals and consumers. 
"You really have to put on kind of two marketing hats. You have to understand the needs of both of those customers and really be able to cater to them in order to effectively market to them,” says Clif.
Once you know your audience, you can start providing them with targeted content with the help of segmentation to enhance marketing efforts.
And while initial sales are important, repeat sales indicate effective relationship management.
On this episode, Clif and host Dave Charest, director of small business success at Constant Contact, dive into the importance of understanding key customers, repeat business, and the role of Constant Contact in their marketing.

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Meet Today’s Guest: Clif Johnson from Pablo Designs

What he does: Clif is the Director of Global Sales and Marketing at Pablo Designs. Pablo Designs is a manufacturer and distributor of interior lighting that challenges traditional design metaphors. Their mission is to create designs that deepen the relationship between objects, their users, and their environment.
💡 Key quote: “Storytelling sells and engages far better than numbers on a spreadsheet. You can have the best product in the world, but if you're not telling a story around it…you're going to not only lose people's attention, but in many cases, you're probably going to bore them to tears.”
👋 Where to find him: LinkedIn 
👋 Where to find Pablo Designs: Website | Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn

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