#60 - Automating and Working With the Seasons With Mark Chinsky


Marketing is the machine that never stops running, even for a seasonal business. Mark Chinsky, co-owner of Enjou Chocolat in Morristown, New Jersey, experiences drastic seasonal fluctuations that revolve around holidays. 
During the quieter seasons, Mark focuses on making technology work for him. His prior experience in the direct mail industry showed him the value of marketing — and when to do it. 
“A lot of people cut marketing when things get tight. [But] that’s the last thing you cut,” he advises.  “If you cut marketing, then you might as well close your doors. That’s where your future revenue is going to come from.” Mark goes on to explain that the slow season is one of the best times to market — when the cash is flowing and you’re incredibly busy, you won’t have as much time to focus on marketing.
On this episode of Constant Contact’s Be a Marketer podcast, Mark and host Dave Charest, Director of Small Business Success at Constant Contact, talk about how automating tasks lets your marketing tools do the heavy lifting for you. 
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Meet Today’s Guest: Mark Chinsky of Enjou Chocolat
What he does: Rather than retiring from the software development industry, Mark and his co-owner Rose chose to buy a chocolate company. They recently bought Enjou Chocolat, a beloved 40-year staple in Morristown, New Jersey, that does retail, wholesale, and corporate chocolate production.   
💡 Key quote: “A lot of people cut marketing first when things get tight. That’s the last thing you cut. [If] you cut marketing then you might as well close your doors because that’s where your future revenue is going to come from. And the best time to market is when times are slow.”
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