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 Set or update your password 
 Set your security question
 Set up Multi-Factor Authentication


Your account contains a lot of sensitive information and it’s important to keep it all secure so it doesn’t get in the wrong hands. We have multiple security measures in place to keep your account safe. 


There are three things we use to ensure the right people are accessing your account: a password, a security question, and multi-factor authentication. Let’s break them down: 




A secure password is the primary key used to access your account. Just like many other sites, we have requirements in place when setting or changing your password. Basic best practices include:

  • Don’t use the same password for other logins.
  • Avoid common passwords (like Password!)
  • Change your password on a regular basis. 


Security Question


When setting the security question, you will provide the answer to one of several questions that you can choose from. The answer should be unique and not easily guessable. If you accidentally lock yourself out of your account and need to send an important email, please contact our support team. An agent will ask the security question on your account to ensure we are unlocking the door to let the right person in. Just like a password, this security question should be changed if an unauthorized user accesses your account.



Did you know we have an article on what steps should be taken if you need to transfer ownership of your Constant Contact account?

Multi-Factor Authentication


In order to keep your account safe, we add an additional layer of security called multi-factor authentication (MFA). MFA is an effective and standard security technology used by many online services to protect their customer’s data from unauthorized access. By using an additional means to confirm you’re the one attempting to access your account, MFA can help prevent attacks, reduce the risk of other cyber security threats, and protect your personal information from hackers.


Once you enroll in multi-factor authentication, you will need to select a secondary factor of authentication. This includes:

  • Okta Verify
  • Google Authenticator
  • SMS Authentication
  • Voice Call Authentication


If you log in from a new or unfamiliar source, a prompt will appear and ask for a verification code from the secondary factor selected. This is especially common if you use multiple networks or VPNs, or clear your cookies often.



We highly recommend creating additional user profiles if more than one person needs access to the account. Creating additional user profiles allows them to select their own secondary authentication factors and not need to go through the account owner each time. Make sure to check the Plans & Pricing page in your account to see how many additional users are available in your account.


Your account is secured! You are welcome to start exploring your account (we suggest heading over Contacts Overview) but it's important to note that if you have multiple people using your account, it would be worth it to set up additional user profiles for them.

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