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Complete your business profile

 Upload your logo

 Save your brand colors


Why do your business profile and brand assets matter?


There are a number of ways that completing your brand profile and including your brand assets can benefit your business and boost your digital marketing.


First, filling out your business profile gives us a better idea of your business’s industry and area of focus so we can provide you with more accurate campaign reporting metrics benchmarked against others in your industry. 


Every industry has its own set of average rates for opens, clicks, and bounces. We provide updated average industry rates frequently so you can keep an eye on trends. 


This also allows us to suggest templates that may fit emails typical for your industry. A retail business has different needs than a nonprofit (though you probably knew that already)!




Your brand assets are important because they help provide a consistent, identifiable visual connection to your business. When a contact opens your email, they should be able to recognize who you are right away. 


Uploading a logo and saving your brand colors are quick and easy ways to do this at the account level, ensuring your logo and colors are pulled in each time you select a new template. This saves time and creates a better experience for your subscribers for each email you create and send.


Did you know the Constant Contact blog has a ton of articles covering many different industries and topics related to them? We are more than just email marketing, anyways. Search for your industry and get ready to learn!


Now that your business details are correct, you will want to make sure you have established the right security protocols for your account.

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