Feedback on our newsletter template


on a webinar with you now and you are offering to provide feedback on our campaigns/emails.  


Please take a look at our most recent eNewsletter and let me know if you have ideas/thoughts/best practices to share on how to improve readability, open rate and interest.


Thank you! 



Hi Stacie,


Thanks so much for submitting your email. 


I like the white background for the main text area contrasting with the darker grey background on the outside of the template. 


If possible, I would simplify the color palette a bit more. I see the maroonish color in the logo, a light blue, green, a gold and more of a yellow color at the bottom. I would suggest 3 colors from your palette to build in more of your branding. 


I would suggest making your logo and other images clickable within each section. This FAQ will walk you through the steps.


All of your text has great contrast, which makes it easy to read. 


I do see you've added some social media buttons at the bottom, which is great. They don't however appear to be linked to your own pages. You can use this FAQ to help you link up those buttons. Make sure you're going to each of those pages and then copying the URL so it goes to the right place. 

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