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What's right & what's wrong...

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I'd love to get feedback on what others think works & doesn't work in our newsletter email. (Our "brand colors" are burgundy & gray, if you couldn't tell. *grin* )


See the newsletter here --


Hi @BradfordI1. I couldn't tell at all 😄 Thanks for coming over to the Template Feedback area!


I like the usage of those read more blocks to shorten your newsletter and drive traffic to your PDF. A recommendation I would give is to consider the amount of images you have since they outweigh the amount of text that is included. The second with the mobile chapel is a nice place to add more text. Since that area doesn't take up too much room in the attached PDF, you can include all the text in that block and list the locations of the mobile chapel. Another recommendation would be to replace the "Are You A Disciple Of Christ" image with one of the photos from the PDF, such as the one that shows the event's attendees.


There is certainly a feeling of community and support in this newsletter. Thanks for sharing it with us!


Caitlin M.
Community Manager
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Thanks for the suggestions!! 😊

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Thanks for sharing your email!


I agree with Caitlin's points. I also recommend changing the link on the logo image at the top to the actual website and not a PDF. Most people would click on the logo thinking it would take them directly to the main website.


I might also suggest changing the background color to white or something more neutral. The burgundy comes on very strong. Similar to your website, the burgundy is used as an accent or on the header at the top. So something like white background with burgundy section headers and burgundy hyperlinks.


This isn't necessary, per se, but I believe Google Play, Apple App Store, and Amazon App Store have their own logo, like this:


You could insert a three column block and use these images as clickable links to bring people to the app. Just a little extra visual flair. The images should appear if you search "download on xyz app store."

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Thanks for the ideas, Nick!

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