3 Intelligent Email Campaigns to Drive More Sales

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When it comes to driving sales, email marketing is still king. I’m Scott Moran, the Co-Founder at SamCart, the fastest growing Ecommerce platform online. And whether you are acquiring new customers, or driving repeat sales from existing ones, email marketing reigns supreme. 


According to a 2019 study by The DMA, for every $1 a business invests into email marketing, it returns $42. It’s no wonder that SamCart’s top sellers all agree that email marketing is their most important tool for growing their bottom line. 


Are you maximizing your results from email marketing? If you’re not seeing this kind of success from your own email marketing efforts, never fear! We are going to walk through a few different campaigns that you can implement today that can immediately drive more sales.


So here my 3 favorite intelligent email campaigns to boost sales! 


1: The Bonus Loop


Everyone knows about Cart Abandonment. Someone comes to your site, they start an order, but never make it to the finish line. Maybe the phone rang, maybe they got cold feet. We’ll never know. As someone who has a top-down look at +15,000 businesses every day, I can confirm that Cart Abandonment is a huge problem. 


The Bonus Loop campaign is a twist on traditional cart abandonment emails. “Cart abandoners” are so painfully close to buying. You just have to sweeten the deal a little bit, and close the sale.


So create a segment of anyone who abandons their order, send them an email that introduces a brand new free gift. Toss in a little extra something, and give your subscriber a brand new reason to think about buying! 


And no, I don’t just mean offering a coupon code. Your free gift needs to be something they were not offered at all before! Toss in free shipping, free customization, a bonus training, a checklist or cheat-sheet, anything that will feel like another bump in the value of your offer. 


Your Bonus Loop campaign should be three emails long, sent over the course of 5 days. The first email introduces the new gift. The second email recaps everything the customer receives (including the new gift!). And the final email provides a deadline to act. 


This short & sweet campaign can be done in a flash with SamCart’s integration rules. You can automatically add new “Prospects” (aka people who abandon their order), to any lists in Constant Contact. Then let your Bonus Loop campaign do the rest!


2: The Ladder


The most important number in your business is your Customer Lifetime Value (“LTV”). How much is a customer worth over the life of their relationship with your company? 


If you want to grow your business, focus on growing your LTV. Everyone knows the stat about how selling more stuff to existing customers is way cheaper than acquiring a brand new customer. As the owner of an Ecommerce platform, that definitely still checks out. 


So how can you intelligently use email marketing to drive repeat business? Well one of my favorite campaigns is called The Ladder.


Whenever a customer places an order, drop a tag on their contact record that corresponds to the product they purchased. But don’t just do this for one product! Make sure that every product a customer could purchase has this same setup. 


So if you are offering multiple “Order Bumps” during checkout, or introducing any one click upsells or downsells to new buyers, you have an accurate picture of exactly what each customer bought. And more importantly, what they didn’t buy.


SamCart’s integration rules make all this smart tagging super simple. Just setup a rule for each product you sell to add a tag, and SamCart will automatically keep all of your subscribers perfectly segmented inside of Constant Contact.


With all your customers accurately segmented in Constant Contact, it’s time to start making suggestions. Customers who bought everything you offer can be left alone. Those are your golden geese. But focus on the customers who only purchased one thing this time. Take that segment, and put them into an email sequence that introduces one of your other offers at special discount for a few days! 


Drop the price, or tack on a special, and provide a deadline to act. This campaign will start driving up your Customer Lifetime Value, and directly impact your bottom line.


3: The Survey Suggestion


This campaign is my personal favorite for boosting customer acquisition. No one will ever convert 100% of their email subscribers into customers. But if you’re looking for a way to convince more of that crowd to take the leap and finally place an order, The Survey Suggestion is the campaign for you.


Segment all of your non-customers in Constant Contact. Then send an email that simple asks what they would like your help with. Ask these subscribers what they would like to receive from your business! 


You can even provide a few options for them, or leave it open-ended. But the goal here is to let your subscribers self-segment by telling you what they are most interested in. Your job is to segment these subscribers, and then provide a special offer based on their feedback! 


So any subscribers who tell you they want help with keeping their lawn green all summer, provide a special offer for spring fertilizer services. Other subscribers might say they are looking for help to fill in patchy lawns. So they should receive a special offer for spot-filling grass seed. 


The Survey Suggestion campaign can be done in just a few emails as well! Getting your subscribers to tell you what they want, and then delivering it is a powerful way to drive more sales. 


Email marketing is such a powerful tool for growing your business. Amplify the results from your own email marketing efforts by partnering Constant Contact with SamCart. SamCart provides powerful features for converting more sales, maximizing your profits, and tracking your results. But with the simplicity you know and love from Constant Contact. 


Get a free 30-day trial to SamCart, and see why thousands of business owners are growing their sales by partnering these two incredible platforms together. 


Link to CTA: https://checkout.samcart.com/referral/BkNEzvRj/AMibZHs3li3LDGvF

Scott Moran is the Co-Founder and Head of Product Marketing at SamCart. With over a decade of experience in digital marketing, Scott helps tens of thousands of businesses grow their sales with simple, actionable strategies. A proud #GirlDad, and less proud Baltimore Orioles superfan. You can reach him at Scott(at)SamCart(dot)com.


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