4 Tips to Boosting Volunteer Registration with Formstack and Constant Contact

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If you run or work for a nonprofit organization, you know that finding volunteers can be a challenge. Whether it’s one large annual event that you’re trying to staff or you need a steady stream of volunteers on a regular basis, it can be tough to get people excited to devote their free time to your organization. Even if you have a large pool of passionate potential volunteers, sometimes the toughest part is managing the registration process and staying organized. That’s where a data collection process and email marketing strategy can help make the process to increase volunteer registration simple and automated so you can get back to focusing on what drives your mission forward.


Enter: Formstack + Constant Contact


Check out our 4 tips to connecting your Formstack Forms and Constant Contact email integration to boost your volunteer registration.


1) Build Your Formstack Form


Your volunteer data needs an easy way into the system so building a contact form, newsletter signup or registration page with Formstack’s intuitive form builder is your first step in getting started. Use Formstack to create your registration forms and then embed those forms on your website or share a link to the forms in an email. With an easy drag and drop functionality, you can add fields and create ready to go forms in minutes. Make sure to include email address and list fields on the form to set you up for the next step.


2) Connect Your Constant Contact Account


You can login to your Constant Contact account right within the Formstack app and then map your email and list fields from the form to your Constant Contact account. This will enable the smooth connection of your volunteer’s information from the form they fill to the database so you can keep track of and continue communicating with your volunteers long after they first sign up. Building your email in Constant Contact? Include a link to your Formstack form in your email copy without leaving the email editor.


3) Build your Email Marketing Database


Communicating with potential volunteers is key to the growth and success of your nonprofit organization. Setup a monthly or quarterly newsletter where volunteers can signup through your website or give them the opportunity to opt-in to email lists at events you’re running, better yet, during the registration process. There are many ways to leverage an email marketing database so you can get your volunteers in the system and connect with them moving forward.


4) Grow Relationships


Spread the word via email and social networks and take your volunteer opportunity viral! Share a link to your registration form on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to raise awareness and allow others in your network to share it with their connections. When the form is filled, you will capture all of your volunteer data within your Formstack app and their email information will be captured within your Constant Contact account so the relationship can grow from there!


It can be difficult to recruit volunteers for projects while also dealing with the stress and pressures of putting on an event where volunteers are needed. But with these easy steps to boost volunteer registration, you can dedicate your time and energy to making sure the event is a success!


Ready to get started? Learn more about the Formstack and Constant Contact integration here.




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