Autoresponder Overview


First impressions are important. When a contact signs up for your mailings, beyond a Welcome Email, they might not receive a real newsletter or promotion from you for days or weeks depending on your schedule for sending campaigns. The goal is to get them hooked early and looking forward to your mailings.

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What if Constant Contact provided you with a way to automate a series of email campaigns to have your contacts engaged on day one and for an extended period of time? It turns out we do!



Autoresponder is a great campaign option our customers can use to build a rapport with their audience through a pre-determined release of a series of email campaigns. The campaigns are designed to introduce your contacts to your business or organization. The content should provide them with some compelling and helpful information or promotional material to get them jazzed about what you do.

Let’s look at an example of how a Yoga instructor could use the Autoresponder Campaign. They create a series for new sign-ups set around the best beginner poses. The goal is to teach new sign-ups a pose each day for the first week they are on the list. The email could contain a link to a video and/or step-by-step tutorial. The last email in the campaign could contain a surprise: a special promo for a free or discounted class. Talk about value!

TIP: There are numerous ideas that could be applied to an Autoresponder. Looking for some inspiration? Check out this blog post for 7 Ideas for Your First Autoresponder Series. 


When creating your series, don’t forget: Value is the key. Autoresponders should not be your run-of-the-mill newsletters. They’re the gateway to more customer engagement. If you provide them with something that is enticing, like offering them introductory programs that get them up to speed on your business and what you do, then they will trust the service you provide and will want to know what else you do.

Autoresponders aren’t just for new contacts, either. They can be set up to reward loyal customers by offering them exclusive content and encouraging them to spread the word of your business. Sound like something you are interested in? Check to see if you match any of the five signs that might indicate if it’s time to automate your marketing. 



Now that we’ve talked about what an Autoresponder can do, let’s talk about what it should not do. Autoresponders should not be used to send the same email out to contacts on a schedule. We don’t recommend doing this in general because contacts receiving the same email multiple times might feel bombarded and ignore it or unsubscribe. There are exceptions, of course: a transactional email or a reminder, for instance. Autoresponder is really all about getting the new contacts up to speed and engaged with your business and done in such a way that should create less work for you in the long term.

Now picture this: you’re at home, feet up on the coffee table, catching up on your favorite show. At the same time, ten new contacts just got an email from you that got them totally jazzed about what you have to offer. You’re nowhere near the computer. Sounds pretty nice, right?

What kind of content do you think would be perfect for Autoresponders? If you’re familiar with Autoresponders, what have you done in the past that you have found successful?