Constant Contact Forms for Wordpress


Constant Contact Forms makes it fast and easy to capture visitor information right from your WordPress site. Whether you’re looking to collect email addresses, contact info, event sign-ups, or visitor feedback, you can customize your forms with data fields that work best for you. Best of all, this plugin is available to all WordPress users, even if you don’t have a Constant Contact account.


Constant Contact Forms allows you to:

  • Create forms that are clear, simple, and mobile-optimized for every device.
  • Choose forms that automatically select the theme and style of your WordPress site.
  • Customize data fields, so you can tailor the type of information you collect.

BONUS: If you have a Constant Contact account, all new email addresses that you capture will be automatically added to the Constant Contact email lists of your choosing. Not a Constant Contact customer? Sign up for a Free Trial right from the plugin.


Constant Contact Forms requires a PHP version of 5.4 or higherand a WordPress version 4.0.0+. You will not be able to use if on a lower version. Talk to your system administrator or hosting company if you are not sure what version you are on.


Want to get more information?  Take a look at our listing in the Wordpress plugin directory or the Constant Contact Marketplace.  Need some help with setup? Take a look at our FAQ here and see some screenshots below.  


Once you install the plugin, from your Dashboard, you will need to add a new form. Take a look at all of your different options: 




Here is an example of a basic form added to a page:  




Tell us what you think in the comments below!  


I have forms on multiple pages that worked when they were created, but have since stopped emailing the recipient the form submissions. How can I get these to work again?




Hello @WhitneyM77,


I took a look at your forms, and something doesn't look quite right.  The coding looks like it's either a modified version of our forms, or an older version that didn't get updated properly.  I'm also seeing a few questions on the forms, like "What is your favorite thing about living in Arizona?" that don't align with any of your custom fields, so they shouldn't even be available to ask as a question.  My personal suggestion would be to double check exactly what plugin you're using for those forms, and if it's ours consider removing, and then re-adding the newest version of our plugin.  If that still doesn't work, please give us a call at any of these numbers, and we'll get one of our advanced technical agents to take a look at the forms.


Occasional Participant

Hi: We have multiple email lists in Constant Contact based on our meditation center's various locations. I want users who find this form on our website (or who we send to this subscription form) to be able to select which lists/locations they want to sign up for and receive weekly newsletters from, but it seems like the plugin only allows you to select one list as an option in the back end under Constant Contact List > Add Subscribers To section. Am I missing something? Is there a workaround for this, or something I can do to give the users various checkboxes to choose from? That's how the actual Constant Contact sign-up form works now, but the URL is sooo long, and I want to create a printed flyer for an event where we tell people SUBSCRIBE to our EMAIL list and then provide a URL within our website's domain ( instead of the super-long and unwieldly constant contact signup form URL:


Can anyone help?


The URL you are using is the best form to meet the requirements for multiple list subscription. There is not a direct way in Constant Contact to shorten the URL. However, there are third party websites/programs to generate shortened URLs(i.e. TinyURL). Some of these are at no charge, but may be temporary links. 


Hi. When a user signs up for our newsletter using the Constant Contact Form plugin, they receive an email thanking them for signing up. I want to edit this message but I'm not sure where on WordPress or Constant Contact to go in order to edit this. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!


Hello @GabrielleN2 ,


It appears you have an active Welcome-type automation email in your account. You can quickly find this by going to My Campaigns, selecting Campaign Type on the left side, and selecting the automation option. Here's some helpful tips when it comes to editing and building your welcome email.


That was it! Thanks for your help!