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We have some new enhancements to show you, and we think you're gonna love them! Take a look at our 4 1/2 minute video below that goes over the following: 


  • List growth tools
  • PDF to image
  • Archive
  • [3GE] Read More blocks
  • [3GE] Poll blocks



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I would like to prune my email list.  I get about 50% open rate and want to determine who, over the past year, is consistently opening my emails or at least opening most of them so I can keep them on the list.  Is there a way to easily do this?  I know that I could download opens for each email, but that results in multiple csv spreadsheets which I would have to combine.


AND, is the open rate actually correct?  Someone once told me that if people don't download the photos/graphics from an email, Constant Contact doesn't get a ping back and therefore doesn't count it.


Thanks so much.  

Jill Spero


Hello @JillS070,


Great questions!


As of right now, we do not have an easy way to find out who is consistently opening your emails. The only workaround we could offer is to make an Open list within your contacts, and add your Open Report from your Sent Campaigns. This would give you a list of anyone who opened your emails, but it would not tell you who opens the emails the most. I know this is popular feedback we get from our customers; I will be more than happy to pass it along to the appropriate teams.


We do try and give you the most accurate open rates possible, but there is an issue where if people do not download the images, it will not activate the pixel we put into the email to track as an open.

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