Customer Spotlight: Rip It Events


Danny Serpico is an athlete, a coach, and since 2010, he has been the owner and operator of Rip It Events located in Columbia, Maryland. Rip It Events started as a nonprofit organization to help athletes come together and raise money for charitable causes. The company has since evolved into a racing events and coaching company. 



Constant Contact’s email marketing tools directly support Danny Serpico and his company to help plan, publicize, and advertise upcoming events, direct registrations, and promote coaching packages. Danny focuses on email marketing, social media, and YouTube to generate buzz and document events. 


Due to the nature of the business, it’s essential that participation is at an all-time high for each event. To ensure rosters are filled for each race, Danny uses Constant Contact to inform his target audience of upcoming events. He is able to design custom emails, create segmented lists, and keep track of the active audience.


Design tools within Constant Contact allow Danny to craft emails that maintain his company’s brand image, while still giving him room to customize for each unique event. Danny knows he needs to provide important information about safety, event location, pricing, and more to make sure his participants are properly informed and ready to run their best race. Design features like hyperlinks and call to action (CTA) buttons create avenues for email recipients to navigate to frequently asked questions (FAQs), event registrations, and a more comprehensive webpage for event information. 


The email builder is super easy to use. I love that you can drag and drop items into place, resize and format. The builder has all of the functions I need including the ability to add header photos, buttons and videos from outside sources such as YouTube. It’s simple and user friendly.” - Danny Serpico, founder and owner of Rip It Events


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With various events taking place throughout the year, Danny also uses list segmentation to make sure the right email reaches the right audience. “Each race has its own list so I can market to that particular list,” Danny said. Keeping multiple lists means that Danny can separate and review contacts with ease. 


Due to his fast paced lifestyle, Danny expects the tools he uses to support him in an efficient way. It takes a lot of time and energy to host large events, so Danny relies on marketing tools like email, to help him stay organized and get to the right people, fast. Danny uses reporting features to track attrition, therefore, he can make adjustments for unengaged contacts when sending general emails. This promotes trust and credibility for his organization. 


The success of Rip It Events is based on having a healthy amount of interested participants. To ensure rosters are filled for each race, Danny finds success using Constant Contact to inform his target audience of upcoming events through email customization, creating segmented lists, and monitoring the active audience.


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