February Holidays and Newsletter Ideas - 2024



Ahh, February. The month of love.


There’s no escaping it. No matter how many wonderful days there are to celebrate this month, Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14th) permeates everything.


It’s time for restaurants to break out their best “couples dinner” specials, florists to stock up on roses, and for everyone to invest in chocolate and card companies. And while Valentine’s Day may have a leading role, there’s more to this month than romantic love to celebrate.


And while you can’t really avoid the romanticism of Valentine’s Day — believe me, there have been times when I’ve tried — you can go beyond the obvious and celebrate other types of love with your readers.


By celebrating holidays like North American Inclusion Month (NAIM), Black History Month, Youth Leadership Month, International Friendship Month, and American Heart Month, you can help your readers to celebrate and show love for the community, family, friends, pets, and even strangers. But especially for one’s self.


February holidays — 2024


February newsletter ideas

There’s a lot going on this month. And in one way or another, much of it circles back around to love.


And part of expressing love is to take care of what we love. Whether that be ourselves, our family, friends, pets, or our community. Love isn’t just something we feel but something we express. So, this month, help your readers celebrate — and express — all the varieties of love they have in their hearts.


February newsletter ideas for showing — and taking — care

Whether you want to celebrate National Library Lover’s Month or American Heart Month, it’s important to lead the way. Show you care by . . .


  • Educating: Create a branded whitepaper, infographic, or downloadable guide. It can be about self-care, getting involved with the community, caring for others, or even caring for a pet. House it on your website and share the link with your readers as well as your social media followers. Remember that if it’s attractive, easy to read, and easy to share, you’ll increase the chances of it spreading beyond your immediate contacts — driving increased brand awareness and traffic to your website.
  • Being proactive: Partner with a local charity, after-school program, trade organization, or even a local gym to raise money and awareness for whatever your community needs — from mental, physical, and emotional health programs to additional STEAM education and even training in traditional trades.
  • Providing something special: While everyone loves a discount, don’t underestimate the power of providing something “special.” Think about creating a bundle of products or services that you can provide your loyal readers and followers. Whether it’s a combination of your own products put together in a nice gift basket, services that are discounted for a limited time when purchased as a bundle, or an exclusive event that doubles as a romantic evening and a fundraiser. If your business doesn’t have products or services that fit the bill, don’t give up on the idea. Instead, scout other local shops and businesses and seek out partnership opportunities that can benefit you both. Or think about outright purchasing items for a gift basket or two and think about giving them away in a random drawing — or better yet, raffle them off and raise some money for a local organization that could use some help.


Month-long occasions for expressing care:


  • Worldwide Renaissance of the Heart Month
  • Human Relations Month
  • International Boost Self-Esteem Month
  • National Self-Check Month
  • Dog Training Education Month
  • Ethnic Equality Month
  • National Heart Health Month
  • National Therapeutic Recreation Month


Month-long occasions for raising awareness:


  • Financial Aid Awareness Month
  • International Month of Black Women in the Arts
  • Black History Month
  • National Arts Month
  • Declutter for a Cause Month
  • International Prenatal Infection Prevention Month
  • National Cancer Prevention Month
  • National Cat Health Month


Month-long occasions to celebrate romantic love:


  • An Affair to Remember Month
  • Creative Romance Month
  • National Weddings Month
  • Relationship Wellness Month


TIP: Whatever holiday you highlight in your newsletter this month, whether you issue a challenge, offer advice, or ask your readers to share, include a branded hashtag and a custom hashtag — along with a corresponding post on social media — so you can easily find and like what they post!


February newsletter subject lines

  • “Do you play like a girl?” (interchange “play” with “hit,” “run,” “swim,” “box,” “jump,” etc. — National Girls and Women in Sports Day (Feb. 1st) — Perfect for announcing tryouts for girls’ sports, a sales on girls’ sporting equipment, sponsorship of a local girls’ team, or a fundraiser that supports girls’ sports, teams, or programs.
  • “Psst. Don’t tell our boss” — Preheader: “We’re working naked” — Working Naked Day (Feb. 2nd) — This one is sure to pique your readers’ interest. And while I don’t suggest you actually go to work naked, you can use this when presenting a self-care regimen that includes going without makeup for a day, having a sale on hair removal services, or even tanning sessions. Or you can just go with the original meaning and let your readers know that you’ll be working from home.
  • “Elmo loves . . .” — Elmo’s Birthday (Feb. 3rd) — Great for anything you want to highlight for your business.
  • “Let’s talk” — Time to Talk Day (Feb. 6th ) — This is the perfect subject line when asking your readers to complete a survey.
  • “When the moon hits your eye” — Preheader: “Like a big pizza pie” — Pizza Pie Day (Feb. 9th) — Not just for pizza parlors, this line can be used for any business that can play on words like “moon,” “pizza,” or even “amore.”
  • “You light up our lives” — Electrific Day (Feb. 11th).
  • “Let there be light!” — Electrific Day (Feb. 11th).
  • “Tommy’s got nothing on us” — Electrific Day (Feb. 11th).
  • “Bring us out of the dark” or “Don’t keep us in the dark” — Electrific Day (Feb. 11th) — Perfect for conducting a survey.
  • “We’re not just talking weird science here” — Electrific Day (Feb. 11th).
  • “It’s electric!” — Electrific Day (Feb. 11th).
  • “We’re having a white t-shirt contest” — White T-Shirt Day (Feb. 11th) — Best if this type of subject line is out of the ordinary for your brand and used for a fundraiser. Just use your imagination.
  • “We’re not lying” — Pinocchio Day (Feb. 23rd) — For sharing factual information or a flash sale.
  • “Pie’s not only in the sky” — Great American Pie Month — This one leans more towards bakeries and cafes, but if you change it to “Pie’s not the only thing in the sky,” it could work for just about anything.
  • “Mending broken hearts” — National Mend a Broken Heart Month — Great for introducing a special Valentine’s Day drink for those without Valentines, unveiling an exclusive self-care or Galentine package or bundle, and even hosting a fundraiser for a local charity.

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