Find out what happens when you leave us feedback


How we’re listening to your feedback, and what we do with it.


First and foremost: We love hearing from our customers!


We are so lucky to have many customers who want to share feedback with us, whether by posting in our Community, calling our award-winning Support Team, or replying to one of our surveys.


Many times we are asked what we do with your feedback, so we wanted to give you some insight.

When you post feedback to our Community, a member of our Voice of the Customer (VOC) Team reads all of your comments. Yes, you read that right, we read every word of every post.  The VOC Team is here to compile all of the feedback we hear across our various listening posts and share it with our Product Development Team.


Once the feedback is shared with the Product Development Team, multiple factors determine which features or fixes make it on our product roadmap.  Those factors include the number of customers asking for a feature or affected by a bug, changes in the market, competitive intel, and business needs.


While we can’t squash every bug and implement all of the features you are asking for, we will always do our best to inform you when fixes and new features are coming.  When you post feedback in our Community we will often move your idea under a larger thread with like feedback, and will comment on it when we have updates.  We also publish release notes to help keep you apprised of what’s coming.  You can find those in the Product News section of the Community here.


We truly value all of the feedback you give us.  If there’s anything we can be doing better, we want to hear about it.  Thank you again!