How Can I Upload A PDF Flyer Into The Body of My Email


Did you design a flyer for your business that you also want to share with your online audience? A menu for your restaurant? Whatever the document might be, instead of trying to recreate the graphic from scratch in Constant Contact’s email editor, you can utilize a couple different strategies to save time and get the job done!


Create an Email from a PDF


This strategy is the most straightforward. Constant Contact has a PDF-to-Email function that allows the user to upload a PDF file directly into the body of a new email template. It generates a PNG file of the first page of the PDF and will also generate a clickable button already linked to the PDF beneath the image!


This is a great option if you envision your email being almost entirely the PDF in question. For example, if you are a restaurant trying to promote your new menu, this will keep it front-and-center. Keep in mind that you can still make additional edits if you want to build more of your template around the initial creation.


The PDF file and the newly generated PNG file will both appear in the account Library after the email template is created.


Visit the Knowledge Base to read a step-by-step guide.


Important! Please note that sending an image-only email increases the likelihood of your email ending up in the Spam folder.  A balanced text-to-image ratio can make the difference! Consider adding your hours of business, contact information, or a brief message to your audience, for example!


Create an Image From a PDF While Uploading to the Library


Some Constant Contact users like to reuse the same template they’ve already designed, making small tweaks to fit whatever their needs are for that installment. In the event you already have a template ready to go, but still want to feature a graphic of and/or link to your PDF, you can acquire said assets from the account’s Library.


From the Library page, click on Upload To Library, then My Computer. Drag-and-drop the PDF file or click ‘or browse your computer to upload’ to bring the file into the account ecosystem. The great thing is the upload process will automatically generate a PNG image file for you!


Before leaving the page, click on the thumbnail or title of the PDF file you uploaded. A pop-up overlay will appear with the options to change the title of the file, add Alt Text for the Description, add the file to a specific folder, and most importantly for this overview, to copy the URL for the PDF. Copy that URL!


Return to the email template you are working on and in the top-left corner, click on the Image tab between Build and Design. The PNG version of the PDF file will be available for you to click, drag, and drop wherever it is you want to place it. Click on the image in the template and choose the ‘Link’ option in the pop-up toolbar to paste the URL of the PDF file so the image itself is clickable! Why is it worth doing this? Because when viewing an email, the image can only become so large; by making it clickable to the actual PDF file it gives the audience a chance to see it in its intended state. 


You can always generate a button to make it clickable as well.


Visit the Knowledge Base to read a step-by-step guide.



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