How have you adapted your business in the current landscape? [Discussion Topic]




The coronavirus epidemic has impacted businesses of every industry. We wanted to check in and create a space to ask questions of our users to see what changes they have made to help and support their business. What strategies have you implemented? How are you feeling?


We're here for you. We're in this together. I look forward to reading your responses. 

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For over 16 years now, my business has always been "on-the-go," but I am now transitioning to offering more virtual trainings and coaching sessions.  Yesterday, I received an email from an in-person bootcamp attendee that wanted a refresher and willing to pay. I'm all for it and will reach out to my former attendees.  Constant Contact has always been a resource and supportive platform for small business. Thank God for the dedicated team that allows us to continue supporting our fellowing small business owners with a system that is proven to work and grow during turbulent times.


We have been lucky in the sense that we have been labelled as an essential business, so we can remain open. We've modified our work space to accommodate social distancing and have placed signage to encourage following the guidelines. We've replaced our few level operated towel and soap dispensers with touch-less dispensers. We've also updated our break room to have individual dispensers for napkins and silverware to prevent any cross contamination. We've also recently (3 months ago) started converting most of our essential programs to cloud based solutions; which has allowed us to seamlessly transition to remote workstations for those that wish to remain home or have to be home with their children due to school closures. 


As for business practices, we're pivoting our focus more heavily on cloud based and remote work based systems. Getting our customers the help they need to make sure business can continue with as little disruption as possible. Offering both private and public cloud infrastructure as well as remote assistance for any traditional on-site servers they may have. As well as emphasizing our commitment to getting customers the most cost effective solutions for their IT infrastructure via financing, rentals, professional refurbished servers, recommending upgrades instead of new hardware. 

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Hello OhNellie -


Thanks for the reply.  I am taking this time right now to use the Constant Contact website builder to create our own website.  I too am so grateful for the amazing people and continued forward-thinking of Constant Contact.  I am a lifelong fan!


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