Providence, R.I Customers - We're coming to see you!


If I asked you to envision Constant Contact’s team of software designers and developers, what image comes to mind? Is it mole-like tech geeks who rarely emerge from their cubes for human interaction, peering into crystal balls to try and guess what their customers want and need, and relying only upon indirect channels of customer communication that don’t require actually speaking with a user face-to-face?


Luckily for us - and for you - that’s definitely not the case.


Well, we may be a little geeky. But we definitely don’t shy away from talking to our users. In fact, we think that if we’re not asking what YOU want from US, we’re letting you down - after all, our entire mission is to support small business & nonprofits, and we’re not afraid to get out on the road to get it done.


On August 9th, a group of us will be traveling to the Providence, R.I. area to take in not just the delicious Italian food in Federal Hill but also the feedback, ideas, opinions, and thoughts of our users there. We’re based in Waltham, MA, but we think it’s absolutely critical that we go to where our users live and work to hear from you about your email marketing needs.


We’ll be hosting a free “open house” style Live Support Session, where our customers can chat with us (no reservation required!) about specific product questions (“How do I use this new feature?” “How do I get better open rates?” “How do I add an email newsletter sign-up form to my website?”) that you need answered, or just give us your ideas or input about product improvements. Just bring your Constant Contact login information and we’ll sit down with you to troubleshoot your concerns and, if you like, offer some suggestions on how you might improve your email marketing efforts.


Why do we bother, you ask? Wouldn’t it be easier just to send a survey, or use the information we get from our customers’ calls to Support to make decisions?


Well, sure, it might be easier for us to do it that way. No time away from the office and the commute would definitely be shorter.


But, we truly feel we are not doing our jobs properly if we’re not in your communities, actively seeking the input and feedback of the very people who rely on our products to market your small businesses and nonprofit organizations. And we are happy to travel to you to do it!


We want to understand where you struggle when you create your email campaigns, get a better sense of features you need (and don’t need!) to expand your marketing efforts, and what more you need and want from us.


That information is delivered back to our researchers, product designers, and engineers at the Mother Ship in Waltham, so that when changes are considered, we’re making decisions based on actual user input.


Interested in joining us? The live, FREE, in-person Support Session will be held on Wednesday, August 9th from 1pm - 3pm. This session will take place at the 3rd floor conference room at the Providence Public Library, 150 Empire Street Providence, R.I. 02903. We would love to see you there! 


Want us to head your way? If you’re not located in the Providence area, but you’d like to see our minivan full of customer experience specialists, engineers & developers swing by your town, send an email to customerexperienceoutreach (at) constantcontact (dot) com. We’d love to have you show us around your neighborhood!