Q&A from our "Unlock More Sales and Engagement with Text (SMS) Marketing" webinar


Adding text or SMS to your marketing strategy is a great way to send exclusive offers and information to your audience while communicating in the channels they prefer. In today’s society, most people keep their phones with them everywhere. When you reach out via text message, you can get your message to your clients nearly instantly. But that’s not the only benefit to this type of marketing.


In this free webinar, learn how to unlock sales and engagement with SMS and learn a bit about our new SMS marketing tool coming soon!


We’ll cover:

  • The do’s and don’ts of text marketing
  • How to grow your list to grow your business
  • How to create a positive & effective customer experience



The big question: when will SMS marketing be available?

We are aiming for this feature to be available in accounts by late summer! More information will be shared closer to the launch date.


What's SMS?

SMS stands for Short Message Service and is commonly known as texting. It's a way to send text-only messages of up to 160 characters between phones.


Will we be able to include graphics in the messages?

Sending SMS with images or GIFs is scheduled for early next year.


What about links?

Yes, links can be included (and clickable!) but will count towards the 160-character count. Use them wisely.


How will my recipients know my business/organization is sending them a message? Is my name included?

Your business name will need to be included somewhere in the message if you are concerned about a recipient ignoring or deleting your message. Try including your name in the first few characters of the message so it will show as a preview in their messaging inbox.


So the first step will be to ask our contacts if they will accept messages from us. Will there be a way to allow/encourage folks already on our email marketing lists to opt-in?

Since CASL and anti-spam legislation includes SMS marketing, you first need to ask them to subscribe in one way or another. When the tool launches in your Constant Contact, you'll be able to choose a template in the template picker to invite your email subscribers to opt-in to receiving messages from you.


If a contact does business with us already, is it implied they're open to receiving texts?

No, you need to get their explicit permission or have them sign up through an opt-in form that specifically states they want to receive texts from you. The latter is called “implied consent” and you need to keep a record of those forms to provide proof the contact opted in if your account is put on hold from spamming.


Is the contact list for texting separate from my email lists? How do I control unsubscribes between emails and texting?

Yes, they are separate. When someone unsubscribes from an email, they are only unsubscribing from an email and when they unsubscribe from texts, they only unsubscribe from texts. Contacts can be subscribed in both places but they would have to unsubscribe from each. Just like how emails have an unsubscribe link, texting will allow for a STOP message as well which will remove them from the texting list.


How do you combat those individuals that get SMS marketing and glance or delete the message entirely? Sometimes texts I get from other businesses and find they can be annoying.

What about their messages is annoying for you? Do they send too often? Relevant content? 


When creating your own messages, is there something of value that will catch their attention? Think about why they signed up for your emails and see if you can bring it over into your texts as well. Play around with what works for your audience. You may want to think about the timing of the texts. In most cases, you will be sending texts less often than your emails.


Will we be able to include graphics in the messages?

Sending SMS with images or GIFs is scheduled for early next year.


If a customer were to respond to the text, how would the company receive this message? Can we have conversations through the SMS marketing tool?

At launch, we will not support two-way texting. We are looking to include it in a future release. 


Will we be able to build a workflow that connects an action a contact takes or doesn’t take, similar to segments? For example, my contact opens my email but doesn't click a link.

We are planning to include this functionality in the SMS marketing feature. More to come later.


Will the "Text Marketing" be included in the regular Email pricing or will it be in the Email Plus price block?

SMS marketing will be an add-on feature for both plans and we do not have a cost to share right now. Pricing will be announced sooner to the release date.