Release Notes: June 2017


Changes & Updates:

  • You can now add your own background images to your Third Generation Editor (3GE) campaigns. Find out more here!
  • Changes in Reporting2017-06-30_1432.pngYou can now filter your reporting by contact list!  
    • Changes to Trend Overview reporting:
      • You can change the number of campaigns to view in the chart - 25, 50, 100, 250 or all.
      • Opens and Clicks show as percentages instead of actual numbers
      • You have the ability to display Sends and Bounces on the chart. Please note: These numbers show as actual numbers and not percentages. visualizationgraph
  • You no longer need to click on the My Account icon to open the menu, it will now open when you hover your mouse over the icon.
  • Campaign Menu has been updated for all campaigns: 2017-06-28_1417.png
    • Details & Reports  - These both brought you to the Email Details page, which you can still access by clicking on the name of the email.
    • Download, Share & Short URL - These options are still available on the Email Details page for you to use.
    • It is now labeled as More (previously Actions)
    • The list was getting a little too long, so we removed the following options:
    • If you are using our Second Generation Editor (2GE) and you choose to Unschedule an email from this drop down, this will now unschedule the email. You will not need to click again to stop the email from sending.
  • Through the Constant Contact Mobile App, you can now make images clickable links! (And if you use an Android, we fixed the issue with uploading images from your device.)

You Asked, We Delivered:

  • Thumbnails! You can now see the thumbnail image of your Campaign on the home tab and on the Campaigns tab. Clicking on this thumbnail opens up the preview and test window, too.

  • Backwards Compatibility. Wait what does that mean? We’re working to make sure that new features are available if you prefer to copy campaigns - this way you do not have to create brand new campaigns to get these features. This applies to all templates that were originally created (think when you went to create a new campaign) since the beginning of this year. If you are working in a template that is older than this, you still may need to make a copy to see all of the new features.
  • Re-subscribing contacts is now a smoother process. We’ve updated the messaging when you choose to re-subscribe and improved the flow for contacts who go through this process so they do not get stuck in Awaiting Confirmation anymore.
  • The ability to make your email a Facebook ad is now available for 3GE campaigns! To find out more about Facebook Ads, take a look here.
  • Zip Codes/Postal Codes are no longer required for international customers.


Coming Soon:

  • Shopify Integration!  You will be able to connect your Shopify account to upload contacts to your account and see a dashboard with some data insights. The integration also creates lists for you in your account to help you segment your customers.
  • Better prevention of duplicates being accidentally created in Contacts.
  • Faster updates for email reporting in the Constant Contact App, for iOS and Android.  
  • Ability to schedule and add draft campaigns to your active Autoresponder series without needing to turn off the series.  
  • Drag and drop images directly into the 3GE editor
  • A new insert image screen is live for some now and will be rolling out to all accounts soon.  

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