Release Notes: May 2017


Changes & Updates:

  • Event sorting options are changing! You can sort by “Start Date Oldest” & “Start Date Newest.” Please note, this is only available when looking at your Event campaigns. 
  • If a contact was added to your account through a website sign up form and it was either suspicious or it is suspected that the email was added without the consent of the contact, we are putting those contacts into a Temporary Hold status. To find out more about the statuses and how to update them, please go here.  
  • Reporting page can now display stats and trends from up to the last 500 per page (this is up from the 50 it used to show). Learn more here
  • Global Fonts!  You can now choose a standard font for your entire campaign through the Design tab in 3GE campaigns
  • The iOS version of our Mobile App got some updates as well:
    • You can now manage your library from your phone, including the ability to upload images from your device.
    • When adding images to campaigns in the app, you can also make them clickable links!

You Asked, We Delivered:

  • With the ability to set a global font style in your 3GE campaign, you can now also edit the styling of your links!  This means that if you do not want your links to be underlined, you can set the default for the campaign. Take a look here for more information

Coming Soon:

  • Ability to set Alt text (or alternative text) for images from the Third Generation Editor (3GE).

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