What Happens to Customer Feedback? Understanding Ideas & Statuses


We’re frequently asked what we do with our customer’s feedback. It’s a great question, and we cover that process here. When your feedback is submitted to the Community it is labeled as an idea and each idea has a status assigned to it. What on earth do these statuses mean? I’ll explain.

Our teams keep your ideas & feedback in front of them at all times. Our teams take these ideas and challenge one another to see them implemented.Our teams keep your ideas & feedback in front of them at all times. Our teams take these ideas and challenge one another to see them implemented.New: This one is pretty easy. When you submit an idea it defaults to the new status. A member of our Voice of the Customer (VOC) team will read and take action on all new ideas, and assign it a different status.status new.jpg


Open Questions: When a member of our team needs more information to better understand your feedback, they’ll reply to your idea with a few questions and mark it with the “Open Questions” status. If you see this status on an idea and have information or a use case to contribute, please do so!open questions.jpg


Voting Open: Your idea will be labeled “Voting Open” when we hope to get a better understanding of how “in demand” your idea is with our other customers. If you see this status on an idea and you like it and want to see it implemented then vote for it! Adding additional feedback and use cases to the thread is great, too!

voting open.jpg


Certified Great Idea: This could mean a few things. This means a member of our product delivery team has begun work on this idea. This could mean a UX team member has begun looking into designs, or our development team has begun to implement the idea. Typically we will give you an update when we know more! certified great idea.jpg


Coming Soon:  This status indicates that our development team is nearing completion on a feature, or that an issue is almost resolved.Coming Soon status.jpg


Closed – Implemented:  Once we release a feature that you’ve asked for or fixed an issue that you’ve brought to light, we mark it as “Closed-Implemented” and reply to the thread with more details. HOORAY!closed implemented status.jpg


Now that you have a better understanding of our Idea statuses, go ahead and take a stroll through our Feedback boards. Make sure to add your voice and like the ideas that speak to you!





Then after posting above comment,  I go to read his your feedback is processed. As I start to read one of your annoying pop ups days would you like to answer a survey on your experience with an option to click yes after I finish reading which I clicked.  Immediately the article disappears, that I'm reading,  and the survey pops up now, interrupting me. Then the way your survey is formatted,  you can't see the "next" or "enter" button, after the first question. I simply had to hit the back button to get out, and get back to my comments.  This has been an issue with your surveys,  having incorrect formatting,  especially from cell phones, for as long as I can remember, since I've been a client. 

Established Member

What is the explanation for why, after it has been considered 'Best Practice' for 15 YEARS, does Constant Contact STILL not have the "Open in new window" feature.

I've been reading all the reviews/articles comparing different emails services. I'm going to make it a point to reach out to every single one to be sure they include the huge CON in pros and cons that CC does not have this feature that virtually anyone would assume you would have.

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